Siobhán Silke: Head Chef

Coral 158

Siobhan is our head chef and demonstrates an understanding of the importance of the provision of nutrition among older people. She strives to plan and provide meals that are delicious in taste, beautifully presented and well balanced nutritionally.

Siobhan plans each menu with consideration to the residents likes and dislikes and caters for all modified diets. She understands the importance of mealtimes and aims to provide variety.

Siobhan welcomes feedback from the residents and meets them regularly to discuss what they ‘liked’ or ‘didn’t like’.


Ursula Swanick: Chef

Coral 148

Ursula has been a chef in Coral Haven since its doors opened and is very keen to get to know each resident individually. Ursula loves to get involved in all the festivities in Coral Haven and her jolly personality is something the residents have come to enjoy. With a Chefs Hat and festive buttons for each occasion, Ursula brings joy to the residents day. Ursula delivers each birthday cake in person and rounds up the team to join her in singing happy birthday to the residents.

For information on dining at Coral Haven, please visit here.